Triumph Brewing Company


Triumph Brewing Company
Triumph Brewing Company
Triumph Brewing Company

400 Union Square

New Hope PA 18938

(215) 862-8300


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Open 11:30am



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Citra Pale only pale malt, Citra hops, ale yeast,and time. The soft malt flavor balances with the bright lemon-like bitterness and aroma from the Citra hops. No fruit needed. 4.8% ABV
Amber Ale Brewed in a Pacific-Northwest style. Its sweet malty taste is balanced with a generous helping of Cascade hops. 5.1% ABV
Black Lager This traditional German “black beer” will change your mind. All the elements of a crisp, light lager combined with subtle dark, roasted notes - what more could you ask for? 5.1% ABV
Imperial Stout To appeal to the hard drinking populace of Czarist Russia, English brewers developed this very strong & rich beer. Black and viscous, and heavily hopped. 9.1% ABV
Bengal Gold IPA The hefty alcohol content and generous hopping rate once needed to keep beer fresh on the long voyage to India gave rise to this style. 6.1% ABV
Winterfest This American-style ale receives a generous does of hops to match its bold, malty flavor. 6.1% ABV
Nutt Brown Ale (hand pump) This easy-drinking British style gets its nutty favor from the dark, roasted malts used. 5.4% ABV
Single IPA Session IPA singularly hopped with Nugget; an American Pacific-Northwest hop. 4.1% ABV
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Sunday, January 28th 1-4pm